Innes McQuillin

Edinburgh Fringe review: Pippa Evans, Don’t Worry, I Don’t Know Who I Am Either

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The title of the show could easily refer to the fact that she’s spreading her talents round three different shows on the Fringe. In fact, it’s about for once being out front and centre, as Pippa Evans.

On her last day at the Fringe, there was no sign that her tough schedule had taken its toll. She was as bright as a button and her upbeat vibe immediately transmitted itself to the full-house audience.

So what’s on offer when Pippa is the one making the decisions? Well, there was Pippa the stand-up, Pippa the character comedian, Pippa the singer of comic songs and Pippa the MC jollying everyone to join in the audience participation. Get the picture? It’s what was called, back in the day, entertainment.

Sing along to the Batman theme to introduce a new character? No problem, we did it. Sing a naughty line about wanting sex? Yep, we did that too. She was having fun, and the audience were having fun too.

Having seen Pippa’s skills as an improviser in Showstopper! The Improvised Musical already on the Fringe, this show further emphasised that she excels as a character comedian and singer. With a promising sideline as a Brian Conley impersonator.

What was perhaps new, and certainly notable, was how well Pippa worked the audience. Down among us as much as up on the stage, she was determined that we’d all have a good time. That we did, for Pippa Evans is a real crowd pleaser.

With the audience in her pocket from the first minute, there was fun, silliness and laughter from beginning to end. That’s entertainment.

Date of live review: 24 August 2014 @ Bannermans

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