Innes McQuillin

Edinburgh Fringe review: Sean McLoughlin, I Will Prevail

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This is important. Don’t waste time reading the whole review. All you have to do is be at the Laughing Horse @ Espionage at 5.00pm for the angriest, most aggressive, angst-ridden, cynical, confessional, self-abusive and self-deprecating hour of comedy you’ll ever laugh through.

Brighton boy Sean McLoughlin is something of a force of nature. Be prepared to be pinned to the wall as he delivers laugh after laugh in a seamless routine delivered at breakneck speed.

Sean really suffers for his art as he relentlessly prowls the wreckage of his life and career for our amusement and entertainment. It’s a tour de force of a performance. One line gag merchants would struggle to match his laugh count.

Still a developing talent at 26, Sean worked the room and bantered with the audience to good effect. However, it’s the quality of the routine and it’s execution that stands out. It’s noticeably well written and honed to word perfection.

Sean garnered laugh after laugh from an audience that ranged from students to those of significantly more mature years. He grafted for, and deserved, every coin and note the appreciate audience placed in the obligatory bucket at the end. His days at the Free Fringe are surely numbered.

Despite coyly naming his show I Will Prevail, the fact is that Sean is prevailing right now. His act is in excellent shape. He’s got his stage persona worked out, he’s got a good hour and he’s great live. Bookers take note.

It’s a safe bet that Sean McLoughlin will continue to impress and progress.

Date of live review: 3 August 2014, Laughing Horse @ Espionage.

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