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Jesterval review: BBC Children In Need Comedy Quiz

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Pictured: The moment Simon Pryde is ejected from the quiz.

Recorded live for BBC Newcastle and Children in Need, tonight’s show at Jesterval sees stars from the world of comedy and radio compete to see just who knows the most.

Mr. Drayton, tonight’s host, opens the show with a string of classic, clean gags, raising laughs throughout the tent as our two teams are welcomed to the stage.

On Team Comedian, founder of Viz magazine Chris Donald, creator of Hebburn Jason Cook, and Ben Crompton, of Pramface and Game of Thrones fame.

Their opponents? BBC Newcastle presenters Alfie Joey, Gilly Hope and Simon Pryde.

Through an odd combination of quick-fire, music, anagrams and specialist rounds, tonight’s crowd is embroiled in a medley of competitive humour. Suggestive heckles only help lift the mood – and the scores – further.

However, this well-natured quiz is not without controversy, with suspected lacing of cupcakes, cracker projectiles, and the eventual removal of Simon Pryde from Team Presenter, who is rightly accused of excessive cheek and replaced by a child in the audience.

We’ll not spoil the ending, as it’s certainly worth tuning into the radio broadcast of the show, but watch out for Crompton’s scouse alter-ego, ‘Ben Crompto’, Joey’s Alan Hansen impression and Team Comedian’s excellent rendition of My Heart Will Go On, all of which had the buckets jingling at Jesterval. Bravo!

Date of live review: Thursday 12 June 2014 @ Baltic Square, Gateshead Quays

  • Simon Pryde

    I take offence at the word “rightly”!