Nic Wright

Latitude review: Felicity Ward

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A bundle of skittish energy, Aussie Felicity Ward arrives on stage ready and incredibly keen to entertain.

Not a comic afraid to make a fool of herself, Ward is incredibly likeable, with a knack for physical comedy that sees her gurning, flinging herself around and darting every which way during her impassioned delivery.

Such a frenetic, gauche performance injects some very welcome spark into Latitude’s comedy tent, with Ward sparkling on subjects such as rubbish cricket chants, wearing children’s clothes, and endemic Australian racism.

Ward has a tremendous knack for sharpening subjects to a point, without losing the silliness or the electricity.

Less effective are riffs on the double standards of commenting on women’s bodies, but still even the more bog-standard material is delivered with such vigour that it never fails to engage.

Besides, a story about how she butted heads with a vicious reverend on Twitter, or a sharing of those moments when you foolishly feel you’ve “unlocked the universe”, are never too far away.

Date of live review: Friday 18 July 2014 @ Henham Park, Suffolk