Edward James

Review: Carey Marx: Intensive Carey – Baltic Square, Gateshead Quays

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Image: Steve Ullathorn

Those who have seen Carey Marx before will know him as an irreverent – some would say offensive – gagsmith with a penchant for dark material. This show, however, is different.

In August 2012 Marx had a series of heart attacks, and his 2013 Edinburgh show is his way of dealing with it.

The brilliantly titled “Intensive Carey” is a much more observational show than any I’ve seen from Marx in the past.

His cynical dressing down of hippy ideas including the best-selling self help book “The Secret” shows an analytical intelligence that was previously hidden in the depths of smut.

That’s not to say this show doesn’t have its fair share of masturbation, both literally and figuratively.

Marx takes us through some poor decisions, his inability to take anything (including his imminent death) at all seriously, and his fears that his wife (17 years his junior) will be left with an incapacitated husband.

Oddly for a comic with a trademark childishness, he has a very convincing, and highly amusing take on what it may be like when he reaches “proper old age”.

A touching personal show dealing with some incredibly dark real-world material in a deftly candid way, Intensive Carey is highly recommended. Especially to people who don’t like Carey Marx.

Date of live review: Sunday 6 October 2013.