Becca Gill

Review: Ian D Montfort: Psychic Fayre – Baltic Square, Gateshead Quays

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Despite the fact that the start of his show had been delayed by 35 minutes, Sunderland Psychic Ian D Montfort created an instant upbeat atmosphere, opening with a series of ‘predictions’ that could apply to any number of us.

Montfort, the creation of Tom Binns, spoke to a man about his late dog, correctly channelling the way that it used to wag its tail when happy, and didn’t like visiting the vet.

His dry style undermines all the trappings of psychic shows, as he pleads the scientific origins of handwriting analysis and numerology on the basis that their names are evidence enough.

However, the big twist of Montfort’s act is that also demonstrates a spooky capacity to uncover actual facts about people in the audience, revealing names of relatives and schools, and correctly guessing taro cards they’d picked and numbers rolled on a dice.

The climax of the show is a final big reveal of his prediction, written before he came on stage, of what would take place – but you won’t find out what was in the letter until you see the show for yourself.

Unless, of course, you share Montfort’s psychic gifts.

Date of live review: Saturday 5 October 2013 @ Jesterval Comedy Festival

Jesterval runs at Baltic Square Gateshead Quays until Monday 7 October. The programme is on its website.