John-Paul Stephenson

Review: Impro Comedy All Stars – Baltic Square, Gateshead Quays

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Seasoned improv performers Andy Smart, Steve Frost, Steve Steen, Marcus Brigstocke and Dave Johns treat us to that rare phenomenon: a late night comedy show that isn’t full of knob jokes.

The Geordie crowd at the Jesterval Comedy Festival are not exactly shy when it comes to shouting out names, places and situations for the five performers to instantly turn into sketches.

Since the performers are rotated between sketches, allowing each of the cast to take a breather, the momentum never drops, and the evening rattles on at a rapid pace as we are treated to sketch after sketch.

As with spontaneous put downs to hecklers, there will be inevitably be a bank of gags for things that will crop up regularly, such as particular postures, there are many mightily impressive moments. The sections in which the performers have to complete each other’s sentences require an enormous degree of concentration.

Ending with a hilarious section where they each performer provides the voice for another, Smart et al prove that the art of improv is alive and well.

Date of live review: Saturday 5 October 2013

  • Paul McFarling

    Sorry but was disappointed with the improv show . Some okay moments but due to poor sound system , Marcus brigstocks sounded like a darlek for the whole show, I was expecting a much better show.
    Tom Binns saved the day for me. We caught his show by chance and nearly wet ourselves from start to finish, he was excellent….