John-Paul Stephenson

Review: Marmaduke Spatula’s F**kin Spectacular Cabaret of Sunshine Show – Baltic Square, Gateshead Quays

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Marmaduke Spatula, otherwise known as Seymour Mace, is basically the bastard lovechild of Vic, Bob, and Harry Hill.

Opening with a brilliantly obscene song with lyrics can be best described as coming from the disturbed mind of a lunatic during a spate of creativity, Marmaduke Spatula gives us an incredibly busy show, with daft line after daft game after daft line.

Mace isn’t the only person in the room with a pseudonym; we are all rechristened using handwritten labels, which he meticulously sticks on everyone in the room.

There are lots of routines here that were fine tuned during his Sunday afternoon show at The Stand, such as “Everyone’s A Winner”, a playful segment that proves there’s method in Mace’s madness.

The show is high on audience interaction, but in a safe way in which no-one is going to be hurt, unless you’re allergic to marshmallows, in which case you’ll probably die – sorry about that.

There are lots of highlights here, one of which you’ll be reminded of every time you hear “O Fortuna” – or eat a banana.

This is a brilliantly daft hour from a brilliantly daft mind.

Date of live review: Friday 4 October 2013 @ Jesterval Comedy Festival

  • Jesterval runs at Baltic Square Gateshead Quays until Monday 7 October. The programme is on its website.
  • Marmaduke Spatula’s F**kin Spectacular Cabaret of Sunshine Show is at The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 8 October 2013
  • Seymour Mace will also host the Giggle Beats Comedy Quiz on Monday 7 October.