Andrew Dipper

Edinburgh Fringe 2014: the 10 best show titles at this year’s festival

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With the bulk of the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe listings released yesterday, we’ve spent the past 24 hours sifting through the lot. They say a good show title can put bums on seats – and if that’s true, these ten comedians are in for a treat this August.

Gavin Webster: A Controversial Title In Order To Sell Tickets

All Young People Are Cunts. Bill Hicks Wasn’t Very Good. It’s probably safe to say that Gavin Webster (pictured) is the king of controversial show titles. But for all his sweeping statements, Webster’s shows tend to be thoughtful and reasoned, which is why we’re looking forward to his latest hour that explores the motives behind shock comedy.

The Stand Comedy Club III & IV, 31 July – 24 August, 5.50pm, £8/£7 concessions. Buy tickets.

Henning Wehn: Eins, Zwei, DIY

After more than a decade in Britain, it looks like the German Comedy Ambassador has grown to like puns – and we quite enjoy them too. You know what you’re getting with Wehn; a proper funny bloke who is well worth catching, if you don’t mind sitting in the damp shit-tip that is The Caves. 

Just the Tonic at The Caves, 31 July – 24 August, 9.20pm, £11.50/£10.50 concessions. Buy tickets.

Andrew Lawrence: Reasons to Kill Yourself

Did Andrew Lawrence read a particularly scathing Three Weeks review when he typed up his Fringe title? Has he been watching too much George Carlin? Who knows, but we like the creepy cut of his creepy, creepy jib.

The Assembly Rooms, 31 July – 24 August, 8.45pm, £10/£9 concessions. Buy tickets.

Dan Nightingale Is Trying His Best Not To Be A Dick

We know the feeling, Dan; not being a dick is tough. But, like the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed…write a Fringe show about it.

Pleasance Dome, 30 July – 24 August, 5.30pm, £9.50/£8.50 concessions. Buy tickets.

Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare

Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare is one of those shows you only get to see at the Fringe: an entirely serious play by The Bard, performed by an entirely shit-faced actor. Like a posh Late ‘N’ Live.

Underbelly, Bristo Square, 30 July – 25 August, 10.20pm, £11.50/£11 concessions. Buy tickets.

Tony Law: Enter The Tonezone

If Tony Law was God I think we’d all enjoy being on this terrible planet a whole lot more than we do. Law continues to amaze on stage and I can’t wait to see this latest offering, Enter The Tonezone. Buckle up.

The Stand Comedy Club III & IV, 30 July – 24 August, 12.10pm, £11/£8 concessions. Buy tickets.

Freddie Farrell: Lock, Stock And One Joking Farrell

We don’t know a great deal about Brummie stand-up Freddie Farrell, but if we had to take a punt on a show we’d probably go see his based on that spectacular double-pun. And the show itself? It’s about Freddie, who recently became a family man and is trying his best to be responsible. Unfortunately life has other plans.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 1-24 August, 10.30pm, FREE. Details.

Tobias Persson: One Thing Led To A Mother

Five years of IVF and a sex life reduced to cold rooms with plastic cups doesn’t quite sound like comedy gold to us, but we’re willing to give Tobias Persson our support with this guaranteed porno in the making.

The Stand Comedy Club V, 30 July – 24 August, 10.30pm, £8/£7 concessions. Buy tickets.

Rob Rouse: Through The Looking Ass

If Rob Rouse’s new show is as childishly funny as its title then he’s got a hit on his hands. According to Rob, it’s an hour of “honest, frank, seriously funny stand-up”. Not a bum joke in sight.

The Stand Comedy Club III & IV, 31 July – 14 August, 10.30pm, £10/£9 concessions. Buy tickets.

Eric Lampaert: Testiculating (Waving Your Arms Talking B*ll*cks)

According to Eric, “all you need to know about the show is in the title.” Fair enough.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 1-23 August, 7.45pm, FREE. Details. ​