Nic Wright

5 best show titles at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe

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With the myriad of posters, flyers and publicity stunts littering the streets of Edinburgh during August’s Fringe Festival, it can feel like you’re shouting into a vacuum. One way to get an edge however, as a comedian drowning in a sea of drama groups and interpretive dance, is an intriguing title. Here’s five to take a punt on based on a nifty moniker. No puns please.

Tiernan Douieb: The World’s Full of Idiots, Let’s Live in Space


Commander Chris Hadfield said that six months on the International Space Station made him feel a great sense of just how much the world is all one place and we are all one people living together on it. Tiernan Douieb wonders why we have to send people quite so far away to have that realisation, and just how feasible is it to fire a large portion of the population into space until they behave?

Liquid Room Annexe (Venue 276)
Aug 8-17, 19-30, 14:30

Glenn Moore: Nephew to Three Gorgeous Uncles


Glenn Moore, from critically acclaimed sketch duo Thünderbards, will tell a torrent of seriously silly jokes for 40 minutes, and you’re invited. For free.

Cowgatehead (Venue 32) ​
Aug 8-29, 21:15

Gary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet as Performed by David Carl


Having triumphed in Celebrity Big Brother, survived Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and battled with Meatloaf and Donald Trump, Keanu Reeves’ favourite co-star now takes on his biggest challenge yet: performing all the parts in Hamlet at the Edinburgh Fringe, with songs and homemade puppets – anything could happen.

Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61)
Aug 6-11, 13-30, 17:50

David O’Doherty: We Are All in the Gutter, But Some of Us Are Looking at David O’Doherty


David O’Doherty, the Lidl Enya, the broken Bublé, is delighted to present a new hour of talking and songs played on a stupid keyboard from 1986. Life is like a box of chocolates, but one where somebody else has eaten all the chocolates. And replaced them with mouse heads and dishwasher tablets.

Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8)
Aug 5-17, 19-31, 19:15

Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5


Legendary failure now charges £5. Full marks for irony.

Just the Tonic at The Community Project (Venue 27)
Aug 6-17, 19-30, 17:35