Jack Gardner

Five reasons you need The Order of Silly Billies in your life

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The first reason:

The Order of the Silly Billies has abandoned all stand-up, they will no longer be fraternising with other comics. Consequently Jack Gardner and Sam Megahy have been replaced by Zodiac Mindwarp (a randy Peruvian shop assistant who dabbles in the occult and loves the ladies) and Confident Christopher (a wise old time traveller from Birtley) as the proprietors of the Order alongside a hippo and Barry Fox.

The second reason:

After a series of sell-out shows, Silly Billies Comedy is moving from the Live Theatre to the Alphabetti Theatre. Zodiac says, “The interstellar lay line cross over is stronger here, it’s nearer Brutalist car parks and has a higher local population of freaks, weirdos and smackheeeeeeeeeeeds!”

Reason number three:

Silly Billies Comedy (“Mental” – The Journal, “Mental” – The Courier, “Mental” – The Crack, “Mental” – Giggle Beats, “Mental” – NARC Magazine) have been described as a “bunch of gay commies singing lullabies about pigs” by Iain from Durham. Iain hated Silly Billies, we can’t think of a higher complement.

Numbero four:

The Order of the Silly Billies have a strong influence. A stranger volunteered to drive himself from south Birmingham to Byker, Newcastle to wear a hippo mask on stage to a room full of strangers for five minutes and no money. He did this. He did this for the Order of the Silly Billies.

The fifth reason:

The Order of the Silly Billies are going on tour with their first one hour show. The show is called The Order of the Silly Billies and you can see it at: The Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle* (6 February 2016), Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough (13 February 2016), Bob Slayer’s Heroes @ Criterion, Leicester as part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival** (17 & 18 February 2016).

* with support from Barnaby J Thompson – a man of a million voices! (“genius” – Zodiac Mindwarp)

** with support from the stranger from Birmingham, reprising his popular role as man with hippo mask on in his face in front of a room full of strangers for five minutes (“poignant” – Zodiac Mindwarp).