Jake Massey

10 minutes with…Terry Alderton

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Terry Alderton could probably be considered one of the Comedy Roadshow success stories. The Sun’s Comedian of the Year (Ed: Gobsmacked this wasn’t Lee Evans…) hasn’t looked back since his date with Mr McIntyre, and, breaking away from the club circuit, he’s now got his own tour: Terry Alderton – Season Four. Well deserved, we’d say, though what happened to seasons 1-3? Jake Massey shares ten minutes with Terry to talk about comedy, touring, and those voices in his head…

JM: Hi Terry. So, is it good to be back on the road?

TA: Yes it’s always good to play my show to people who are prepared to come out and see me.

JM: You have done a lot of work for TV and film as an actor, how does this
compare to performing stand-up?

TA: They are quite different. They don’t give you the freedom stand up does.

JM: You have also appeared in numerous televised stand-up shows, are you
more nervous before these shows? Do you prepare differently?

TA: I’ve done a couple in recent years. Any nervousness may depend on whether I have decided what I am going to say before I walk on.

JM: For those who haven’t seen you perform, how would you describe ‘the
voices’ for which you are perhaps best known?

TA: The voices are may way of articulate what is going on in my head at any given time. It may comment on what is happening on stage or in the room or possibly something completely separate.

JM: Do you remember what inspired this distinctive comic method? Did Gollum
steal it from you or vice versa?

TA: The voices have always been in my head but until around 6 years it was only me who heard them. I now share what they have to say.

JM: Do you find that those who have seen you perform before respond most favourably to the voices, or is it critical that this technique comes as a surprise?

TA: It doesn’t matter.

JM: You frequently employ physical humour in your live shows; do you find this brand of comedy more amusing yourself? Or do you just exploit this talent?

TA: Not really.

JM: I am led to believe you were also quite a talented goalkeeper, would you trade the career you have had in comedy for a career between the sticks for your beloved Southend United?

TA: No as I am a better comedian than I ever was a goalkeeper.

JM: For those who have seen you perform before, how would you say the current show which you are touring differs from those of the past?

TA: I’ve called it Season 4 as things are always moving forward.

JM: Has there been much variation thus far from show to show?

TA: Every show is different. That’s half the fun for me.

JM: Did you prefer touring when you were younger or does it get better with experience?

TA: I didn’t actually start touring until 4 years ago.

JM: Finally, anything in the pipeline that you can share with us? What’s

TA: There are things bubbling around somewhere with both radio and TV, and I’m off to Edinburgh again for a full run at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar.

Terry Alderton: Season Four is at the Live Theatre, Newcastle on Saturday 11 May. Tickets are £12. Click for Terry Alderton tickets.