Andrew Dipper

Chris Ramsey talks Hebburn USA, writing a sitcom with Jason Cook, Celebrity Juice

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Chris Ramsey recently spoke to the British Comedy Guide, and below are some interview highlights.

The South Shields stand-up talks about the American version of Hebburn, writing a new sitcom with Jason Cook, working on Celebrity Juice and more.

On Hebburn USA (the series is currently being developed by Adam Sandler’s Happy Maddison Productions):

“Johnny Galecki from The Big Bang Theory could play Jack no problem. He’d be amazing. I love him. I don’t see why Adam Sandler couldn’t play the dad himself, he’s cracking on a bit now. Maybe Pam from the American Office could play Sarah. And Gina McKee is so unique and fantastic that I think you could just get her over to play it with an American accent.”

On writing a new sitcom with Hebburn creator Jason Cook:

“Me and Jason are writing a sitcom, that’s what I’m working on in the background at the moment. We’re best mates and we’re always working on stuff together. There’ll definitely be something with me and him involved in the future.”

On Celebrity Juice:

Celebrity Juice is sort of the new being gunged. If you’re a celeb and haven’t got much credit, go on Celebrity Juice, let Keith [Lemon] absolutely torture you, take it on the chin, and everyone in the country will go, ‘We still don’t like you but fair play because he tortured you there.'”

On being banned for life from Soccer AM:

“The powers that be – the important people in the office – apparently were like, ‘Yeah, he’s not coming back.’ The thing is, if you say to someone ‘I’m banned from a TV show’, they immediately think, ‘Oh, you’re like a Frankie Boyle, you must be really edgy’… And I’m not at all.

“When people hear the story in my show or see the clip on YouTube, they realise I’m not the most dangerous man, I’m just an idiot. Every one of my audience members leave after my shows going, ‘Yep, he’s a pillock.’

“I was telling this story and I thought it would be fine because it’s Soccer AM; it’s a bit cheeky. But it wasn’t fine. The moment kind of reoccurred accidentally a few times during the show and it was having an adverse effect on a couple of the other guests who started being a bit naughty. They were like, ‘It’s all because of Chris Ramsey, get him off.’ I was like the stupid kid in class that brings the learning average down. Nothing sinister, just making a fool of myself.”

On performing at the Edinburgh Fringe:

“Edinburgh is great. It’s like a month-long freshers’ week crossed with a business conference. It’s a great place to get noticed.”

On talking about his wife – singer/actor Rosie Winter – in his show:

“She knew from day one she’d be included in my act. A lot of the times when I’m taking the piss out of her or winding her up round the house, her little catchphrase is, ‘Marry a comedian, they said, it’ll be a laugh a minute, they said.’ She always says that. But she gives just as good as she gets otherwise I wouldn’t be married to her. She’s fucking great.”