Andrew Dipper

Five questions for Scott Bennett

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After starting comedy in late 2009, Scott has rapidly established himself as one of the fastest rising stars on the UK circuit. With a warm and engaging delivery, he is a Yorkshire live wire with an undeniable no nonsense logic. We ask him five questions.

Tell us about your show…

The show is all about my father, Roy Bennett, whom I believe to be the “Ultimate Yorkshireman”. Over the course of an hour you’ll learn all about him. His unique money saving strategies, his philosophy on life, the embarrassing family holidays and his novel approach to a Sunday carvery.

If you weren’t a stand-up what would you be and why?

Probably a sales rep for an air conditioning company. I already know all of the best services on Britain’s motorway network (always the ones with a Waitrose) and who could turn down free air conditioning. I’d quite like to be a farmer too – I’d especially enjoy the chance to get out in rush hour traffic with the tractor and get in everyone’s way.

What’s the best and worst thing about being you?

I’m probably not the best person to ask about this – I’d probably say the best thing is my hair. It’s very thick and grows at an alarming rate; I have inherited it from my grandad who was a chemical engineer for ICI. I don’t know if constant exposure to industrial chemicals actually contributed to this but I like to think it did. The worst thing about being me is having to make the constant trips to the barbers.

What do you get up to in Edinburgh when you’re not on stage? 

Go to the kids’ shows with my daughter. I also like to listen out for some of the bizarre names of shows on offer as you walk up the Royal Mile; “Hitler Was My Dad, 4pm mate?” “Bummed By A Wolf, 3.30?” I actually recommend Bummed By A Wolf, it’s very good, if not a little predictable.

Describe your perfect Edinburgh Fringe…

Audiences, a venue with a reasonable internal temperature, a full collection bucket and accommodation that is fit for human habitation. I would also like to do a show where I can land a punchline that chimes perfectly with the cannon going off at the military tattoo.

  • Scott Bennett: About a Roy, Just The Tonic at the Mash House (Just the Snifter Room), 6-30 August (not 18), 16.20, FREE.  
  • Big Value Showcase: Early Show, Just The Tonic at the Community Project, 6-31 August (not 18), 19:20, £10/£9 concessions.