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North East comedians release podcast series

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That Wine Show | Giggle Beats

That Wine Show

North East comedians Andy Fury and Steffen Peddie have released a new series of podcasts – and Giggle Beats readers can listen to them first.

That Wine Show is a new audio series from messrs Fury and Peddie, where, as the title suggests, they consume copious amounts of wine and have a natter about all things comedy – and more…

Speaking to Giggle Beats, Andy explained: “To be honest we’re just two mates who like having a laugh, but despite having known each other for nearly four years and spending more time with each other than our wives, we’ve never ever had a proper drink together.”

“We’ve been talking about recording a podcast for a while and realised that we could combine getting pissed with a ridiculous pretence of us being cultured, then recording it so we could class it as work. My missus is furious, but powerless. Hopefully we can grow a nice little audience for it so we don’t have to come up with a new excuse to meet up and get smashed once a week.”

Steffen, who plays Big Keith in BBC2 sitcom Hebburn, said: “Do I know anything about wine? No! Am I opinionated? Yes.

“It’s basically two blokes who are mates, drinking wine and talking about every day things. But it’s funny, like mates in the pub funny. Not change your life – wow, it’s amazing funny. Just, you know, funny. And it’s about wine as well. Although we know nothing about it.”

In this week’s episode, Andy and Steffen talk about getting naked in Workington, who they lusted over when they were children and standing up for yourself in supermarkets. Recorded in a car park in Newcastle, they even had time to review a 2011 bottle of French red wine “Roche Du Sud – Syrah Grenache” from the Languedoc region. So, erm, Workington then…

Listen here:

That Wine Show is available exclusively early via, then shortly after on iTunes and