Andrew Dipper and Nic Wright

Play: July’s Giggle Beats Comedy Quiz

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On Sunday our comedy quiz night returned to The Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle. Here are the questions, minus our audio round. How would you have fared?


  1. Motoring retailer Halfords unveiled a series of online adverts this week, but which Canadian comic appears in the ads, as the ‘Bike Whisperer’?
  2. Rik Mayall and Patsy Byrne both sadly passed away last month. Which comedy did they appear together in?
  3. Which country’s unauthorised remake of US sitcom Modern Family has replaced gay parents Mitch and Cam with a straight couple?
  4. Sky 1 has announced plans for a second series of family fantasy Yonderland, but which CBBC comedy are the Yonderland team also responsible for?
  5. Which comedian was last month revealed to have twice been rejected for an OBE?
  6. Tragically, a bid to legally force Ireland to adopt My Lovely Horse as its next Eurovision Song Contest Entry fell flat last week; which sitcom spawned the song?
  7. New festival director and Dame Edna Everage star Barry Humphries has banned comics from using which word at next year’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival?
  8. It has been announced that a section of West 121st Street in New York is to be renamed in honour of which comedian?
  9. Comedy channel Dave is to produce a Curb Your Enthusiasm style mockumentary, featuring which US star?
  10. Upcoming comedy film The Interview has been declared ‘an act of war’ by North Korea; but who co-writes and stars in the movie?


  1. Which comedian is William Makepeace Thackeray’s great-great-great-grandson?
  2. Oasis’ Half A World Away is the theme tune to which sitcom?
  3. Which Olympian did the BBC apologise to after Frankie Boyle insulted her on Mock The Week?
  4. What is the coffee shop called in Friends?
  5. What was Spike Milligan’s real first name?
  6. Which comedy series is set in East Hampton Hospital Trust?
  7. Which sitcom centres on a perpetually drunk and abusive book shop owner, Bernard, and his long suffering assistant, Manny?
  8. In Citizen Smith, what Marxist movement is led by ‘Woolfie’ Smith?
  9. In the US sitcom Frasier, what is Frasier`s surname?
  10. Name the four regular presenters of Channel 4’s 10 O’Clock Live.


We’re going to give you the name of a comedian and we want you to name their double-act partner. Full name please!

  1. Ernie Wise
  2. Ronnie Corbett
  3. Stewart Lee
  4. Eddie Large
  5. Stan Laurel
  6. Dudley Moore
  7. Dawn French
  8. Ade Edmondson
  9. Gareth Hale
  10. Mel Smith


Ten faces from the world of comedy – we want you to name them…

Tiebreaker 1: What is the combined age of the surviving Pythons?

Click for the answers

  • Think you know your comedy? The Giggle Beats Comedy Quiz takes place every first Sunday at The Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle. The next show is 3 August at 7pm. Entry is £3, and prizes include a three-course meal for two at The Stand bistro, comedy tickets, DVDs and more. Reserve your team by calling The Stand box office on 0844 693 3336.