Andrew Dipper

Sarah Millican reveals what puts a smile on her face – and what gets her goat

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Sarah Millican has penned her first article for the new online women’s magazine, Standard Issue. The South Shields stand-up reveals what puts a smile on her face – and what gets her goat.

Millican’s ‘guilty pleasures’ include gardening (“I have a special old toothbrush just for cleaning my nails”), her cats, toilets in restaurants that go down to the floor and the joy of unlikely animal friendships:

“You know, like a lion and a dog. How did they meet? Why hasn’t one eaten the other? I had hamsters when I was a kid and they couldn’t even bear to be in the same Rotastak house and that had five rooms.”

And what gets her goat? Her husband, fellow comedian Gary Delaney, using the bathroom as a wet room:

“When my husband has finished in the bathroom, I go in to powder my shit and the floor is like a leisure centre changing room: all wet and pants. The sinks are swimming. He says it is just water; it will just evaporate. He is right, but still. TUT.”

You can read Millican’s Standard Issue article in full here.