Emma Atkinson

Vic and Bob: Our 10 favourite moments

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To mark the return of Vic and Bob’s House of Fools later this month, we decided to sit through hours of Reeves and Mortimer sketches, shows and spoofs (a hard task, we know) in order to pick our top ten best moments. Here goes.

10. Bob’s Skank

Shooting Stars has had its share of musical moments over the years but this is one of our favourites. Vic’s flat cap is just wonderful, combined with Bob’s impeccable dance moves.

9. Geordie of the Antarctic

Yet another spoof – this time of a documentary showcasing just how useful it is to have a Geordie in the Antarctic with you.

8. Country File

A brilliant take on the serene BBC show, featuring Bob as John Craven, Tom Fun and some very quotable lines.

7. The Stotts Interview Sting

This hilarious interview asks the important questions of Sting- such as “What kind of bottle was the song Message In A Bottle about?”

6. Beef’s Songs

This probably counts as more of a Matt Berry moment than a Vic and Bob one – but we just love Beef from House of Fools and his songs.

5. Vic’s Club Singing

It was really hard to find just one amazing clip for this- but here’s Vic’s club version of I Will Survive as guessed by a very 90s looking Robbie Williams.

4. Kes

A short but sweet one now – a sketch based around depressing 60s film Kes. In comparison, the sketch is anything but depressing.

3. Geordie Jumpers

It’s even got a pocket for your broon! Geordie Jumpers really do think of everything – as well as stopping thousands of Geordies from having a bust up outside the pub. Marvellous.

2. Masterchef

Another example of a brilliant spoof – the Vic and Bob take on Masterchef is bizarre genius – and perhaps one of their most famous sketches.

1. Stars In Their Eyes

The final spoof on our list – and we think it’s the best. Featuring some questionable talent in the form of George Michael and Simon and Garfunkel, this sketch probably ruined Stars In Their Eyes for a lot of viewers.

So that about wraps up our list of the best Reeves and Mortimer moments. What are your favourite Vic and Bob memories?