Andrew Dipper

Preview: Sham Bodie 9, Castle Hotel, Manchester

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After an Edinburgh-shaped gap in their schedule, Sham Bodie is back next week with an exciting night of live comedy, music, chat, food and heaps more. Literal heaps! Here’s what’s going on this month:

Randolph Tempest

Bolton’s next top model and a true gentleman of the stage and screen. Name dropping fop that is never far from his trusty orange comb and a great yarn. Phenomenal character comedian that you must see.

Taylor And The Mason

Music’s finest duo now that Oxide and Neutrino have packed it in. Taylor and the Mason play lovely folk with great lyrics and catchy hooks. They’ll catch you right up! And they are a delight.

Danny Sutcliffe

The funniest Manc on Twitter is coming to Sham Bodie, and we can’t wait, Danny is the kind of comedian you will remember for a lot longer than the night you saw him. Manic word play hidden behind a lovely thick accent Danny is on the up and up. Why else would he be at Shammers?

Cassie Atkinson

All the way from London (via Bolton) is Cassie Atkinson, who will be presenting some of her hilarious creations for you to marvel at. We’re not sure who will turn up; a shut-in who lives with her nan, a self-help guru that seems to hate women or a bonafide clown. We can’t wait to find out.

Smug Bullseye

Like Bullseye. Only proper smug.

And, of course, your ever-present host Mr Ben Tonge. Get in there!

Sham Bodie 9, The Castle Hotel, Manchester,Thursday 4 September, 8pm, £7. Buy tickets.