Nic Wright

Preview: Sham Bodie Marches on

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You know, because it’s March now.

Bloody March. That snook up didn’t it. What a rascal, even with that extra day in February too! Still tricked us. Anyway, it being March just means it’s even closer to being the second Sham Bodie of this calendar year and what a Sham Bodie it is.

On Thursday 10 March at Soup Kitchen, Sham Bodie have a bunch of acts that are going to knock your socks off, and then put them back on (it might be nearing spring but it’s too cold for bare ankles.)

First up is the (odd)ball of energy that is Edy Hurst, providing some musical comedy and a mood that will lift even the heaviest of hearts.

From down in London they’ve got an act that can only be described as the best one man sketch group you’ve ever seen in Goose. Highly recommended by Gein’s Family Giftshop, Goose plays out high energy cartoons in sweaty human form. A sight to behold.

Headlining this month is the wonderful Fern Brady, who has a heap of TV appearances under her belt including a show she wrote for BBC3. Not too shabby.

To add to all this they’ll also be tempting you with a game of Snare the Hare – it’s kind of like Whack the Rat but also the complete opposite. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Or an absolute shambles. Pop down to Soup Kitchen and find out.

Providing the lovely tunes this month is cinematic dream pop duo O>L>A , who are currently doing wonderful things with music and instruments and other such words.

As always the Sham Bodie crew will be doling out delicious hot dogs at half time. Worth the price of admission alone.

Tickets for Sham Bodie 27 are available online here.