Andrew Dipper

Gavin Webster accepts his comedian’s comedian award

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Pictured: Mick Ferry [left] presents 2014 Comedian’s Comedian Gavin Webster with his award.

Back in December, Geordie stand-up Gavin Webster was recognised by his peers as the best circuit comedian in the UK.

And on Thursday night, he finally received his award from the 2013 winner, Mick Ferry – at a service station just outside of Newcastle.

“This means an awful lot,” Webster said. “I normally don’t even win raffles never mind awards. The only downside is that I have to organise this year’s.

“We should all be proud to be circuit comics who write our own stuff and have to traipse up and down the motorway while getting belittled by silly critics. Good on the promoters as well for making the great gigs great.”

The Comedian’s Comedian Award – also known as the Best UK Live Stand Up Award – was set up by comedian John Moloney in 2013.

John felt it important to recognise the incredibly high standard of performers on the UK comedy circuit, so drafted a poll amongst comedians, asking them to pick five acts in 2013 who they believed had done amazing work, and were a credit to the profession.

John Moloney compares the award to the PFA Award – where professional footballers themselves vote for who they know to have done great work in a season, rather than critics or other interested parties.

“This is what gives the award such credibility,” John told Giggle Beats. “Surely there is no higher accolade than to have your excellent work recognised by your peers?”

The award was welcomed by comedians, who finally felt they had a voice in an industry that was ignoring the lifeblood of the industry – the clubs.

John added: “No major TV ‘star’ or stadium filler in the UK has by-passed the comedy club circuit – which is why the clubs, and the comedians who perform in them week-in week-out, merit an award that highlights the brilliance of the individuals concerned, and the healthy state of the club circuit – which is an envy of the world.”

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