Steve Drayton

Jesting About ready to go

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After four and a half months of searching and seeking the full line up for Jesting About is complete and soon to be announced.

Deadlines have changed, venues have changed and, sadly, as with any kind of event such as this, there may be some disappointed souls.

Many who haven’t made the final countdown have fallen due to time and events beyond control. Many have fallen because a barrage of below the belt banter wouldn’t sit too comfortably on tea-time BBC radio.

There are a lot of people out there attempting comedy, some quite wonderful, some quite trying and some quite bonkers. It is true though, that if you never have a go, you’ll never know, and that has to be respected whatever the outcome.

We announce the complete line-up here on 1 April (see what we did there?). Tickets, which are free, are available on a first come first served basis – but we will be over subscribing, so there is a frisson of excitement in allocation.

There are only 60 tickets available per night, so if you’re coming along on the 12/13 April book early.

Venue, acts and all the other gumpf you need to know will be available through Giggle Beats from 1 April.

Thank you to all who applied, all who have agreed to take part and to the Live Theatre in Newcastle for taking us in and keeping us safe.