Andrew Dipper

Justin Moorhouse launches northern TV comedy company

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Pictured: Jim Poyser, Mike Perls and Justin Moorhouse of Working Men’s Productions.

Justin Moorhouse and writer Jim Poyser have launched a TV production company dedicated to making comedy set in the north of England.

Based at MediaCityUK in Salford, Working Men’s Productions aims to create to create authentic comedy about life in the north, written by and starring the best comedy talent from the area.

Moorhouse, who has starred in a number of TV projects himself including Phoenix Nights, says there are a number of programmes in the works, including sitcoms and radio comedy featuring big names from the stand-up comedy circuit.

“There isn’t a production company in the north, that is from the north and just does comedy,” explains Moorhouse.

“Every now and then there is some initiative, or some money becomes available and all the big boys from London will open a northern office – but they don’t tend to last.

“We wanted to formulate something ourselves and just get on with it. Our list of contacts is extensive and we cover all bases purely in comedy.

“There are a lot of stories to be told. We have already filmed stuff with Cold Feet’s John Thomson and Chris Gascoyne from Coronatiuon Street, which is a bit Chorlton Curb Your Enthusiasm and we are editing it.

“Doing it all our own means we own the ideas, can take an idea, develop the idea, sell the idea and then make the idea. And that’s what appeals to me.

“Ultimately though, these studios at MediaCityUK are brilliant, and we just want to fill them with laughter. Sitcoms are my thing. My dream is to write one, be in one and film it in Salford.”

Poyser added: “Personally, I’ve always liked the energy of northern dialogue and comedy. There is a pace to it, a cheek to it, a speed to it.

“The stuff we have done is edging its way towards a sale – so we just want to get stuff made and employ some people round here who can work with us.”