Nic Wright

Karl Pilkington to appear at Manchester HMV

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Karl Pilkington is to appear at HMV in Manchester later this month.

The reluctant television journalist is to take part in a signing event at the store on Tuesday 24 November at 5:30pm to promote the release of The Moaning of Life series 2 on DVD.

Series two of the comedy travel series sees modern philosopher Pilkington pack his suitcase for another trip around the globe, this time turning his attentions to life’s big issues.

His journey takes him to Iceland, rural India, Mexico, Germany, the US and Japan, where he explores the health benefits of drinking his own urine, road tests an exoskeleton and helps make a sculpture out of dog poo.

Unsurprisingly, he begins to question the rules and values of the societies he visits, weighing up the relative benefits of monogamy and polygamy, living as a woman for a day and experiencing the transformational effect of having hair again.

The series will be released on DVD & Blu-ray on 23 November.