Liam Elcoat

Podcast: ChucklePhonics #26

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The unofficial official Chuckle Brothers comedy podcast - with Liam Elcoat.

Have you ever wanted to watch an episode of ChuckleVision but felt there were just too many visuals? That there wasn’t enough swearing and cynicism? That a bloke you might’ve seen doing stand-up comedy around Newcastle – and thought, “he has an alright demeanour” – should be involved? Well, this is the podcast for you!

In its very, very special 26th episode, ChucklePhonics combines those three things as Liam Elcoat recaps the ChuckleVision episode “High Jinx” and makes it a bit more exciting by adding in sequences where the plane is hijacked not once but twice.

ChucklePhonics is also available on iTunes and Podbean.