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Edinburgh Fringe review: Jo Caulfield, Cancel My Subscription

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With biting wit and a razor-sharp tongue, Jo Caulfield’s snarky humour and brash honesty make her a delight to watch.

There’s no running theme for her latest show, Cancel My Subscription; essentially, this is us indulging Jo for an hour as she gets some things off her chest. But that’s in no way a bad thing, as it’s beyond entertaining to watch her lampoon anything and everything, using clever metaphors and similes in place of a foul-mouthed rant – not that there’s anything wrong with that, either.

A decent-sized chunk of the show allows Caulfield, an Englishwoman with links to all the home nations, to discuss the upcoming referendum, and she does so without playing it safe.

It’s sandwiched between more relatable material about her husband, her friends and her societal angst, all of which is expertly pitched. The highlight is an extended routine about reclaiming a lost notebook and the circumstances of its return. It’s an incredibly funny take on ideas that didn’t quite make the cut for this show, and shows just how prolific a writer Caulfield is.

From self-deprecating stories of cringe-inducing hilarity to spot on social satire and put-downs, Caulfield is a sure bet for an entertaining hour of comedy at the Fringe. And based on the number of people who stopped to take away a calling card on which Jo offered a download of the show, it seems tonight’s audience agree.


Date of live review: 8 August 2014 @ The Stand Comedy Club

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