Lorenzo Pacitti

Edinburgh Fringe review: Seymour Mace presents Questionable Time

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Panel shows can often thrive or fail based on the quality of its guests, but in the case of Questionable Time, it’s the charming Seymour Mace that guarantees that this show will always bring the laughs.

Armed with a projector, a drawing pad, a mug and a selection of stools in various sizes, Mace invites three of his guests to indulge him in answering his ridiculous but hilarious questions.

Over several rounds of action, Seymour encourages debate between his guests with the audience as the judges. The show has a competitive edge as each round a winner is declared and points are up for grabs.

What points are up for grabs, and who deserves them, is left to the discretion of a volunteer scorer from the audience, tasked by Seymour to dish out reward and punishment. This leads to some great exchanges between the guests and the scorer as they vie for their approval.

Seymour’s demeanor gives the room a very relaxed feel as a pleasant audience chuckles along with the guests, who seem to be having as good a time as all of us watching. The audience participation is also very vocal, but only when asked.

The games are reminiscent of classic panel show rounds with a Seymour Mace-inspired twist, affording them an extra level of silliness with plenty opportunity for Seymour and his guests to let loose and ramp up the nonsense.

Occasionally, the left-field questions can leave guests stumbling for an answer – and as a result the off-the-cuff gags don’t always hit the mark – but this isn’t uncommon with an improvised show like this.

Questionable Time is a perfect early-evening Fringe treat and, with the right guests, could be one of the most entertaining shows in Edinburgh this month.

Date of live review: 2 August 2014 @ The Stand Comedy Club 5

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