Lorenzo Pacitti

Edinburgh Fringe review: The Worst of Late Night Gimp Fight

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Late Night Gimp Fight bring an all killer-no filler show of their favourite sketches for a short run at this year’s festival. This is must-see sketch brilliance.

As their moniker would suggest, Late Night Gimp Fight are very much not for a family audience. Their often puerile and outlandish sense of humour is very much for a mature audience of an immature sensibility.

Sketches including everything from bestiality to straight up nudity leave every audience member in stitches, as it’s unlikely those of a prudish nature would have considered buying a ticket for “Late Night Gimp Fight”. This creates an atmosphere in which the boys feel free to push the boundaries of their sketches with such an appreciative and loud audience.

These being the boys’ favourite sketches, their familiarity with them allows them to play around a little and to step out of character if the situation calls for it. Despite it halting the scene for a minute or so it was great fun to see the boys struggle to hold back their laughter as they resurrected their amazing Scooby Doo sketch. The clear enjoyment they were getting out of performing these chosen bits really added to the audience’s enjoyment of the show.

With brilliant writing and acting, the boys’ creative talents give them a leg up on their competition, incorporating elements of well performed dance, singing, rapping and even some astounding hoodie foot puppetry (yes, you read that correctly).

It doesn’t get much better for sketch comedy fans at the Edinburgh Fringe and, with this collection of their best material, it’s a great opportunity for those who’ve never seen them to understand what all the fuss is about.

Date of live review: 21 August 2014 @ Pleasance Beyond, Pleasance Courtyard

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