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Five questions for Paul McCaffrey

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Anecdotal stand-up and star of BBC Three’s Impractical Jokers Paul McCaffrey brings his new stand up hour, Paul or Nothing, to Assembly at George Square Gardens. He chats to Giggle Beats about life at the festival and his new show.

Hi Paul. As if the excellent pun in your show’s title doesn’t sell it enough, tell us a bit more about Paul or Nothing…

It’s an hour of stand-up that I’ve really enjoyed writing and performing throughout the preview stage and hope I will continue to enjoy throughout the Edinburgh run and beyond. It includes stuff about my house being treated like a post office depot, my cat sending an email and shaving my balls.

What do you get up to in Edinburgh outside of your shows? Is it a lot of preparation and tweaking or do you make the most of your breaks?

It varies from year to year. This year will be a calm one but I have a definite party streak in me that depending on what kind of mood I’m in I will embrace or try to keep at bay.

Will you be seeing much comedy yourself during the Fringe? Any top tips?

I’m off now to see Glen Matlock’s show; I was a teenage Sex Pistol, I am beyond excited.

You star in hidden camera show Impractical Jokers on BBC Three – how big a big departure is that from your usual stand up? Is it as improvised as it looks?

I’m very much myself in it; I have a mischievous side to my personality and I think that is also present in my stand-up. Oh, it’s all improvised, I never knew what those bastards where going to get me to do next.

How do you feel about BBC Three going online-only? Will it affect plans for a third series?

No word on series three either way at the moment. I think it’s a shame that BBC Three is going online but I’m sure it’ll work out okay. I’m a bit older so the dream for my generation was always to be on TV. Being on the internet doesn’t have the same ring to it really.

Paul McCaffrey: Paul or Nothin, Assembly at George Square Gardens, Edinburgh, until 24 August, 8.40pm, £10/£9 concessions, edfringe.com